Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Dear Hen:

I went to Georgetown yesterday to drop off more bandaids. Everyone there says your box is a big hit with the patients. Check out these cool Curious George bandaids that I found.

I drove to Baltimore again today. On Saturday, we were driving through Georgetown and Jack said, "this looks like the place in that city where we always park." Mom and I asked what city and he said, "you know the one that sounds like 'Bulbasaur.'" I said "Bethesda" and then Mommy and I both figured out "Baltimore!" When I was driving back home today I was thinking back to the time we took a detour to University of Maryland and the store in the Student Union was closed. We were so disappointed. We wanted to get you a Juan Dixon jersey.

I miss you a lot today. Just like every day.


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