Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Dear Henry:

Here is a photo of how the adirondack chairs were buried up to their seats by the snow that just fell. Boy, your butt would be cold if you tried to sit in them now!

I found this montage that I did from last February of your flight to St. Michaels. It was one year ago. I remember sitting right next to you. It was really a tight fit. I had just had my knee surgery and it wasn't fun being twisted like a pretzel, but I wouldn't have traded it for anything. It would be pretty cool to see all of the snow from the air. I think you may have brought this one in for show and tell.

And this is a photo montage of pictures that you and I took with Mommy from the kayak when we paddled over to the far shore. This was on the fridge forever. I am glad we kayaked a lot.

Do you remember when you made these at St. Michaels.

I love you.


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