Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Jack brought home a picture he drew in class that shows his family. Mom feared that the little person was you, but Jack explained that the picture shows (from right to left) Joe, Dad, Mom, Jack and Henry. I don't know whose head is floating between the two of you. Maybe Headless Nick. Over New Years, our friend Hugh taught Jack how to draw Power Rangers. He makes them look just like the ones on TV. I'll scan one. You will be impressed.

Jack seems to save all of his innermost thoughts for Mom. Maybe I don't ask him the right questions or maybe he doesn't feel safe opening up to me. Jack told Mom that he didn't think anyone would ever want to change places with him. Why? Because he has a brother who died.

Here is a new photo that I scanned of us.

Check out Mom and Jack right behind us.

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