Sunday, January 25, 2004

We went to see Sharon this weekend. She was in from Israel. We went with Sharon to see Dr. Auerbach. It reminded me of the start of everything. We visited Dr. Auerbach at her lab at Rockefeller University. Dr. Auerbach is who figured out you had Fanconi anemia. Sharon, Mom, Dr. Auerbach and I sat around and talked about genetics, Fanconi anemia, cancer and everyone's families.

From Rockefeller you could see Cornell University Hospital. That is where Mom kept trying to have a baby to be your donor. You were a patient there once, too.

Then we went to dinner. It was very nice.

Mom and Sharon bought matching rings. Like Mom, Sharon has written a book about saving Amitai's life. The book is in Hebrew. I'll have to wait for it to be translated into English, or maybe Jack can read it to me.

Amitai is doing great. Alma, like Adam Nash, is a very special kid. What a wonderful thing to have saved your brother or sister's life. They will have an extraordinary bond their entire lives. It will be interesting to know them when they all grow up. I hope Jack gets to know Amitai.

When we got up and went out to breakfast this morning it was cold, very cold. I think the only New Yorkers who are excited about how cold it is are the Penguins at the Central Park Zoo.

I have fond memories of taking you and Jack to watch the penguins and the polar bears and the snow monkeys. We could have sat and watched the penguins forever jumping in and out of the water. The other night I was sitting in bed with Joe trying to get him ready to fall asleep and I thought of showing him some sleeping animals to get him in the mood. We visited the penguins in Central Park online and it was dark so you couldn't see them. I told Joe that they already had "lights out." Penguin Cam, Central Park Zoo

I thought of you every mile from New York to Washington. I thought about the hope we had each time we packed you and Jack in the car and left Cornell Hospital and the Helmsley Tower behind us. I made sure not to head toward Hackensack because that is my natural reflex. I remembered throwing Cheerios from the driver's seat to you and Jack in back on the Jersey Turnpike just like you were the sea lions at the central park zoo getting their fish thrown to them. I took this photo on one of our visits there.

Here are shots of you in the Tisch petting zoo part of the Central Park Zoo.

I could feel you behind me when I passed 695 in Baltimore which took us back and forth from Johns Hopkins 3 days a week. Mom said we did a lot of driving. We did.

It's snowing really hard now at home. Jack is pretty sure there won't be school tomorrow and I think he is right. I missed him and Jack a lot while we were gone.

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