Wednesday, January 28, 2004

It has been snowing a lot and Jack has not had school for a few days. Yesterday, Mom went downstairs when she got home from work and she found Jack and David and Jacob Stern on the computer. They excitedly told her that they had "hacked" (where did they learn that word) into eBay and were bidding on a Pokemon card. How crazy is that. They were able to sign in using Mom's login and they were in an auction for a Pokemon card. I was psyched that they figured out how to do this, but a little worried at the same time. We talked to Jack about only bidding with money he has in his piggy bank. Can you see him bidding $500 for some one-of-a-kind card from Japan!

I guess next we'll have to watch out for Joe trying to buy rare and exotic animals off the Internet to complete his zoo. Yikes.

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