Thursday, January 22, 2004

Mom and I met with the woman who Jack sees every other week to talk about his feelings. She told us that Jack is doing great and probably doesn't need to see her much longer. That was great to hear. She also explained to us that Jack now needs to know that it is okay to let go of you. Do you remember how I showed you the picture Jack drew of the family and you were in it. This woman told us that it is probably better if Jack drew just the 4 of us, Mom, me, Jack and Joe. She said he is a little confused and needs to know that it is okay to say that he only has one brother, Joe.

Mom and I understood what she was saying but it was hard to hear. We need to stop referring to Jack's room as "Jack and Henry's" room. We need to change the message on the answering machine so it only says, "Laurie, Allen, Jack and Joe aren't here right now." By referring to you in the present tense, by making it seem like you still live with us we confuse Jack. If we talk like you aren't gone, he doesn't know if it is okay for him to consider you gone. Do you remember how I told you he didn't want to let the ballons go on your birthday. It is time.

I miss you, Henry. Mom and I are going to see Sharon this weekend. She is in from Israel. I hope she brings pictures of Amitai. He is growing up. Speaking of growing up, we bought Joe a big boy bed. It is coming next week. I'll let you know how he does. I guess we are all letting go, growing up and moving on. It is "healthy," but it sucks (Grandma hated when I used that word when I was a kid, but it does desrcibe how I feel) all the same.

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