Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I can't stop thinking about Sue. I am both remembering her, and thinking how crazy and unbelievable it is that she is dead. I guess it is a good thing that no matter how many times you deal with death you can't believe it happens.

Joe wanted to see pictures of you and him last night. He asked Mom the other day if you could come over to play. Sue's daughter Julia didn't go to the funeral and it didn't look like her nieces and nephews were there. I think it is probably good for kids to go no matter how hard it may seem. But Mom said that Joe didn't go. I guess that at a certain age it is more trouble keeping the kids quiet and occupied than it is worth them understanding what happened. Clearly, Joe is confused.

I am glad Jack went to your funeral. I know when he is older he'll be thankful he was there.

I also know that Larry will help Julia as she gets older to know her Mom and know how special Sue was. The nice thing is that Julia looks just like Sue - just like you looked like Mom.

We went out with Papa Teddy for his 73rd birthday last night. He was looking at Joe and said he looks just like you. Funny thing is that I've been thinking lately that Joe doesn't look much like you any more. That has been making me a little sad.

I can still hear Sue's voice. I wonder when that will fade. I can't hear yours.

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