Friday, July 15, 2005

Mom and Jack are so excited for tonight. We are on our way to get the new Harry Potter book.

I keep thinking back to what I wrote in the blog when I found out you were going to die. This is what I wrote the day before you died.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

laurie is on her way back. i have been sitting next to henry with my head on his hand, my tears soaking his skin. in the newest harry potter movie tears give him life and in the first pokemon movie tears bring ash back to life. we seemed to be doing so well. all of his labs were really good today and he has been peeing.

i have asked that dr. wagner come over to see us after we get the ct results. he will be able to advise us what henry's chances are better than anyone. he won't be looking at just one piece, the kidneys or the lungs. i wish david (rabbi) abramson wasn't in israel right now. we could use his help too.

laurie bought a camera because she was overcome with the desire to take pictures of him. he doesn't really look so good, but he is the most beautiful sight in the world to me. i don't know how i am going to let go, but if it has to happen i will.

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well this isn't hollywood or hogwarts. my tears just didn't do it. nor did my kisses and hugs. this afternoon we spoke at length with henry's transplant doctor, john wagner, who told us he wasn't entirely convinced it was aspergillus. we decided (laurie wasn't too psyched, but did it for me) to go ahead with a lung biopsy to find out for certain if it is a bacterial or fungal infection. this was scheduled for tomorrow. about 20 minutes after we finished a BMT fellow came over to us to explain that they just received the results of another culture confirming the presence of aspergillus. that's it. no more. aspergillus is unbeatable, Fanconi anemia wins.

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Tonight is another night that was made for you. Good night and sleep tight my "Boy Who Lived."

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