Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mom and I have been married for 14 years today.

I went to visit the Hasbro company for work. Hasbro, which makes Mr. Potatohead (not to be confused with Joe's fish, Potatoman), is located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. How cool must it be to work there?

I remembered from driving through there a bunch of years ago that they have a minor league baseball team in Pawtucket. Maybe it was when we drove back from Boston after your hand surgery - I am not sure.

I picked up hats and t-shirts to bring back with me for your brothers.

They were pretty "underwhelmed," which means they weren't very psyched. Me... I was pretty bummed.

Way back in the 1970's, Papa Teddy went to Minnesota for business. He brought me back a purple Vikings hat with a yellow pom-pom on top. I loved that hat. I think I slept in it. I was a huge Redskins fan, but I also liked the Viking's "Purple People Eater" defense.

My first experience bringing something back for you was when I bought a small University of Michigan basketball in the Detroit airport when I had traveled there for work. I was so excited to bring you back something from my travels. It felt like a very grown up, very "Dad" thing to do. I didn't like to be away from you, but I was excited to bring you something back and see you smile. I didn't care if you were smiling for me or for the gift. I just loved to see that smile that was too big for your face.

Mom explained that because we already spoil the guys with so much "stuff," these gifts aren't really a big deal for them. She's right. I definitely go overboard. A lot of it is leftover from trying to keep you happy when it you were in so much pain. I told my friend Sally, who I am traveling with a lot, to remind me not to buy stuff.

Mom came back with all sorts of stuff from China for the guys and all the cousins. She even found Skittles with Chinese writing on the package. The guys were totally psyched about those!

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