Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I have an old friend named Noah, like the guy with the ark, and he just sent me some pictures from the time we worked together at VarsityBooks. You and Jack were well known by everyone there. I took you to all of the stuff we used to do together, like picnics and go to baseball games.

Here are some of the pictures that Noah sent. Jack looks like he is auditioning for American Idol.

That's you in Tim's arms. I guess you're being a bit camera shy. That's rare. Fortunately.

We are going to see Tim and Catherine's new baby, Alison, this weekend out at St. Michaels.

She is brand-spanking, new, fresh-out-of-the-oven.

Here is you in a less-than-shy moment. Isn't this photo awesome. Look at that Henry smile you've got working. I showed this to Mom, and it made her so happy. It is like a present to get something like this - a picture of you we've never seen.

I am going to get a bunch of tickets for the Nationals next year. They are moving into a brand new stadium. My friend Steve showed me this cool website were you can watch the stadium being built. Steve and I grew up together. We used to play ping pong all the time in our basement. He had a Senators pennant hanging in his room.

Clark Construction: Construction Camera

Joe and I went to a game last weekend. Uncle Andrew, Aunt Tracy, Emma and Sam were at the same game. They moved from their seats and came and sat with us. Hopefully we can go together to games next season at the new ballpark. I will miss RFK. I've seen many great Redskins games there and Senators and Nationals games.

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