Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Jack decided he doesn't want to keep studying guitar. It is too bad. He was able to play Sweet Home Alabama! Whenever I heard him start, I'd say "Turn it up" just like they say on the Skynyrd track.

So far Jack has taken piano, saxophone and guitar lessons. He chose all of these himself. His teachers have said that he is good. But he doesn't like to practice and he quits. I keep telling him he should stick with something 'cause it just gets harder to learn when you get older. And he has skills which makes it even sadder.

This is Jack with his "Biome Mobile" whatever that is.

Mom is bummed that he quits stuff and so am I. Jack needs to learn that he needs to keep working at things - even when they get hard. It is Mom's and my job to help him understand the value of hard work and hustle. He is really super smart, but that only gets you so far. It isn't enough.

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