Sunday, July 22, 2007

We picked up Jack at camp. It was great to see him. He is loving Ramah and wants to go back for 8 weeks next summer. I think we are going to Spain and Israel so he is only going to be able to go for another 4 week session. He'll be okay. And this way Mom won't have to suffer an entire additional month of missing Jack.

We met Jack's counselors, Moti and Mike. When saying "goodbye," Moti gave Jack his hat from his tank division in the Israeli Defense Forces. That was a very nice thing to do and it made me think that Jack and Moti had a relationship like I had with my counselor, Howard Schwartz. He is the guy whose "autograph" I showed you a few days back. Mike is going to the University of Maryland and I told him he is welcome at our house for a homecooked meal anytime he wants.

Now that we rescued him from his no-tech camp, all Jack wants to do is "plug in." I think he missed his computer more than he missed me. I haven't really seen or talked to him since we picked him up because his face is buried in the laptop.

I am sure we'll get around to getting reacquainted. Maybe if a fuse blows it will be sooner rather than later.

Love you.

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