Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cal is being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame today. His streak of consecutive games ended about a month before you were born. I think that your buddy Jake was born the same day the streak ended or the next day. Jake is going to Bristol, Connecticut this week to represent Washington, DC in the tournament that feeds into the Little League World Series. He had a sleepover last night with Jack and Joe.

Everyone is proud of Jake and his team's accomplishment. It is very exciting. If they win a few games they'll be on ESPN!

And in more baseball news, Barry Bonds is about to break Hank Aaron's all-time home run hitting record. It might happen today which would be a weird thing to happen on the day Cal is inducted. This is the baseball card the Big Michael (Barr) and Hannah gave you when you were born. Mom saw Michael on Friday. He was in Annapolis visiting. He and Hannah and their kids live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Remember when we all went there and had lunch with Dr. Hughes.

Lastly, A-Rod is about to hit his 500th home run. He must be doing so well because of the pointers you gave him in batting practice at the Metrodome.

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