Thursday, July 17, 2008

Big Michael and Big Hannah are in town with their kids from Ann Arbor for two weeks. They came over for dinner last week. And then last night the plan was to meet Michael in Annapolis and go racing on Uncle Andy's sailboat.

Mom and Joe went on Uncle Andy's brother Jon's powerboat to watch the race. Mom told Jon that she had never under the Bay Bridge so he sped over there before the start, and Mom took some pictures. Joe had a great time out on the water. You'll note the puka shell necklace he is sporting. That is because on our way out there he told us that he wanted to look "beachy" and "boaty." He is a funky guy.

We got all set to go and then the starter announced we wouldn't race because there was no wind. That was a bit of a bummer. Instead we all got on Jon's boat and went over to Kent Island for dinner. There was a beautiful sunset and almost full moon at the same time in different directions. Very cool. Great evening. We're lucky people to be able to do all these fun things.

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