Tuesday, July 08, 2008

We went to Aunt Abby and Uncle Andy's house in Rehoboth for July 4th. I think it is a tradition now.

Their beach house is just so beautiful. It was in Washingtonian Magazine this month - one of these days Mom is going to be featured in there as well as a "Washingtonian of the Year" for all that she does for sick kids at Georgetown.

It rained for a bit and I was lucky enough to read and then fall asleep on this really comfy couch they have on their screened-in porch. I cannot tell how how incredibly perfect that was. It doesn't take much for me to be happy.

For Joe to be happy all it takes is Funland, Funland, Funland. He even went on Sea Dragon with Joshua. I guess he is growing up. I need to tell Jack that his favorite ride, Chaos, is gone.

It was sunny too. Joe is getting more comfortable in the water, but he has a ways to go. Noah is an awesome maniac. Non-stop dynamo. Michael, Rachel and Josh are fish. They're also good off the diving board catching a ball while getting squirted by Uncle Andy.

The anniversary of your transplant, July 6th, passed by without much fanfare. Neither Mom or I mentioned it to the other. I think it must be all the time that has passed. Or it could be we were tired of being sad. June was really hard.

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