Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Dear Henry:

Jack and Joe and Mom and I went to Purim services on Monday night. Jack dressed in your Jedi costume.

I called him Jedi Mordechai. Joe was a cowboy. As we were leaving the house I was watching Joe walk down the front steps and he tumbled and landed on his head. He's okay, but I got really mad at myself for letting that happen. You would have had a great time at the Megillah reading. I remember it well from last year (running around with Ari and Jake), but I can't recall what costume you wore. You loved getting dressed up.

I had to take Joe to the doctor yesterday. He had a fever and diahrrea. The doctor told me he has a virus. I must have said something to make the doctor think I was a doctor. If only. He asked me if I was a doctor, and I just explained that I used to go to a lot of doctor's appointments. Earlier yesterday, cousin Joshua and Bing ran into Joe and Zhenny at the playground. Joshua is very sweet. He saw that Joe wasn't feeling well and offered him half a bagel if only Joe would smile.

Joe is feeling better now.

I have been thinking about you a lot.



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