Monday, March 24, 2003

Dear Henry:

Last week Jack was the "Student of the Week" in his class. Here is a picture of all of us with Pop Pop Teddy. It was a lot of fun.

I remember when you were the Student of the Week last year. Mommy and I came to your class and we interviewed you. When I was in school on Friday I went and looked at your classroom searching for signs of you. There was some artwork with your name on it. I was incredibly sad.

Speaking of sad, I cannot be more sad for Chuck and Cati and David and Nina. In Mommy's car on the way to the bus stop this morning, Jack and David spoke about what happened to Cati's baby. At first Jack told David about how Mommy tried to have a baby but couldn't. That's the baby we were trying to have in New York with Dr. Rosenwaks. But David explained to Jack how his Mommy had the baby but it died before it had a chance to be born. Then Jack said, "I guess we both have brothers who died." Maybe I shouldn't have said anything to Jack about no more people dying.

Later in the day at school, some of the older kids came around to Jack's class to raise money for the garden they are creating in your memory at the new school. I will tell you more about that soon. Jack suggested that they they use some of the money to plant a garden for David's brother.

I am really proud of him. I am proud of David, too.

As I told you, we went to Pittsburgh this weekend. We saw Sam and Jim and their baby, Jordan. Here is a picture I took of Joe in Sam and Jim's house. I think he is very handsome, like you.

I've been thinking about you a whole lot. Mommy is coming back to the cemetery tomorrow for Chuck and Cati's baby. I am going to give her a big, shiny rock to put on your grave.

I love you,


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