Saturday, March 29, 2003

Dear Henry:

Today is Aunt Jen's birthday. Next Friday is Mom's birthday. That will be hard because she has had the same wish as I have whenever we blow out our candles. Next weekend also is Rachel Moskowitz's Bat Mitzvah. That will be hard, too. Rachel raised money for Fanconi anemia research and she'll say something about that. That will make me happy and sad at the same time. The other reason it will be hard is because there will be a big party and the life of the party, you, won't be there cutting a rug (that means dancing) with all of Rachel's friends and all of the other girls. Everyone still remembers how you were dancing with ten girls at the same time at Catherine and Tim's wedding.

Tomorrow is cousin Sam's birthday party. This is a picture of your cake. You couldn't have a party because we didn't want you to get sick. But you know that.

This is how I like to remember you. Happy with your beautiful girl. You never got to dance with Bella, but you watched her dance ballet.

This is how I like to remember me. Happy with my beautiful boy. I would have liked to dance with Mommy at your wedding. All of these pictures are the ones we would have made into a video or something to embarrass you at your rehearsal dinner.

You know how much I love you.


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