Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Dear Henry:

Mom went out to the cemetery for Jonathan Lane's funeral this morning. That is the name Cati and Chuck gave their baby. Mom said that it was a beautiful service. Rabbi Wohlberg and Rich and Jill were there. Chuck read a letter that he wrote to Jonathan. Afterward, Mom and Cati held hands and walked over to see you. Mom had spread daisies on your grave when she first got there. She said she had a much nicer visit than last time. Rabbi Wohlberg came over and said a prayer. It was very special.

Tonight I went to Chuck and Cati's to say Kaddish with a bunch of their friends. We all should have been there for a bris, instead I was in a room of people who, like me, couldn't stop crying. I watched Chuck and Cati and saw me and Mom. I felt so bad for them. I cannot understand why there is so much sadness on our little block. Rabbi Wohlberg must have been thinking the same thing when he parked on our street to go to Chuck and Cati's. Henry, please watch over Jonathan, okay. Teach him everything about Pokemon the way you taught his big brother, David. You always looked out for little kids and were so good to the little brothers of your friends.

I am sorry I wasn't able to come today. More on that soon. But know that I will be out soon. Coincidentally, check out what I saw in the paper today.

I know that smile. I know how excited you are about this book. The last movie is coming out on DVD. It was a good thing you got to see it in the hospital in Minnesota.

Also, you should know that Maryland is doing really well in basketball. I put Jack in his "Fear the Turtle" shirt today. You'd be wearing yours now, too. Go Terps.

I miss you buddy boy.



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