Friday, March 21, 2003

Dear Henry:

Now Jack and David have something terrible in common. They've both lost brothers. Mom is over at the hospital with Cati, Chuck and Rich. It is the hospital where you were born. I bet she hasn't been back since. David and Jack and I went to find Yu-Gi-Oh cards. They were all sold out at Child's Play so we headed over to Sullivans. We struck gold and found the deck that everyone has been waiting to buy. I got Jack and David two different decks and bought one for Jacob Stern. Since Child's Play was sold out, I bet that they'll go fast at Sullivan's, too.

David and Jack are happily playing. I need to get ready for a trip we are all taking to Pittsburgh this weekend to see Cousins Jim and Sam and Baby Jordan. David Segal is meeting us there and we are going to do a little Jewish Rock and Roll Hall of Fame thing while we are there.

I want all the sadness to let up. I cannot believe what Chuck and Cati and David and Nina have to go through now.

Henry, I love you and I miss you. I sure could use a hug from you right now.



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