Thursday, July 03, 2003

Dear Henry:

Check this out. I am at my desk at work and Mom and Joe and Jack just got to the beach. Rehobeth is 110 miles away, but I am able to see them on my computer. There is a camera on top of Thrashers.

Does that car look familiar? I called Mommy on her cell phone and told her exactly where to stop the car so I could see them. Even though it is rainy and miserable, that car is always a sunny day. I am glad Mom has it.

The person helping Mommy get her book published is telling us that everyone who reads it love the way Mom writes. She is such a great writer. You are lucky to have her telling your story. I think they only have a few chapters to read, though. I don't know if Mommy has given them all of the parts about how happy our life was. Hard but happy, that's us. I think someone smart is going to publish this book because they understand how many more lives can be saved and how many people will live their lives better if they have the chance to read about you. They realize that just because things are hard or sad doesn't mean they won't be interesting or important or helpful. Just look at the smiles on Mom's face and my face and Jack's face and Joe's face. That is what people will have on their faces when they finish reading about you. There might be a few tears, sure, but that is part of everyones' lives. You are like our car in the picture, a smile through the tears.

Above all else, Mommy's book is a love story plain and simple. It is about the love Mommy has for you. There is a movie called Love Story, which starts with a voice saying something like, "What do you say about a 25 year old girl who dies." This book about you is the same thing. Mom is that voice. I saw a movie the other day on tv called, The Kid Stays in the Picture, about the man who made the movie Love Story. That movie saved his job and the studio where he worked because everyone went to see it. It was a big hit. Mom's book will be just like that.

I think that whoever decides to publish your book is going to be really surprised at how many important friends you and Mommy have who work for big magazines, newspapers and tv networks. It is all these friends who are going to make sure people know there is a book about you that people can buy and read. I'm going to do my part by getting Mom on XM radio. That will be easy. We have a channel that people listen to because a lot of important writers come by and talk about their books and read chapter. I am going to make sure that Jeffrey is on that channel whenever he finishes his book.

Okay, back to important things. I bet you are thinking right now about the Candy Kitchen, which is lit up in the photo behind the punch-buggy, and your favorite destination just two blocks down the boardwalk: Funland. I'll report back about Funland and the rest of the good times at the beach after I join Mommy and the guys at Aunt Abby and Uncle Andy's house later tonight after I finish work.

I love you big guy.


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