Saturday, July 12, 2003

Dear Henry:

I didn't write to you very much last week because I was going to bed very early. I had to wake up each morning a little after 5 am because I was going down to the Potomac river in Georgetown for sculling lessons. A scull is this teeny tiny boat and you need lessons to learn how to row it. I passed the beginners class and got a card that lets me rent sculls without an instructor.

I have this image in my mind of going out in both St. Michaels and Georgetown, and just being alone with my thoughts and the water. Right now my thoughts are all about not falling in so I have a long ways to go. I was looking for some books that might have a good Pokeball image for the headstone people and I came across this book on sculling. It seems I am not the only 40 year old who thought of this.

So Hen, check this out. We had a little excitement today worthy of the crocodile hunter, crikey.

Picture this. The other week we ripped out the cabinet in your bathroom to replace it with something nicer. I put the old cabinet out on the deck off the kitchen. I figured that I'd take it to the dump with some of the junk that we cleared from the basement. Well it seems that this abandoned, empty bathroom cabinet makes the ideal nesting place for possums.

Check out these little rippers.

I called the people who take care of rescuing wild animals in Washington, DC and they said they were too busy to come get the possums. They suggested we just relocate them ourselves. We asked David Lane if he wanted to help. He ran over, and we all set out for Glover Park, down at the end of 39th Street.

When we got there I tipped the cabinet over. When the doors swung open the wee blokes hit the ground and scampered off. The funny thing is that one headed not into the woods but into someone's backyard. Oh well, we tried.

Do you remember the possum that you and Mom and I watched that night outside the kitchen. These guys might have been her babies. I hope that everyone finds each other.

Rachel is sleeping over tonight. She is sleeping in your bed. Rachel brought a photo of Aunt Abby to keep her company. The red box is Jack's memory box of you filled with some of your things.

I better go help Mom get Rach and Jack to bed.

Good night.



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