Sunday, July 06, 2003

Dear Henry:

Happy anniversary of your transplant. July 6, 2000. That was going to fix everything, right. Every year we have a birthday party on the 6th to celebrate the start of your life anew. No cake today. Uh-oh, I am in our room but I am pretty sure I hear Jack crying in your room. Mom went to go check it out.

Just like last year we all went to Rehobeth Beach to Aunt Abby and Uncle Andy's house for the Fourth of July. Mom reminded me that last year you and I stayed behind at the house when everyone went down to the beach club for the festivities. That is where I always wanted to be, by your side. I went with everyone this time. It was a beautiful evening. The sunset took a long time. It was a gorgeous red sky - sailor's delight, correct. There was a slight breeze. Everyone went out to climb on the jetty. Fireworks were going off all over the beach. Mom spotted a dolphin swimming really close to shore.

It was the way it should be. So what did I do, I sat in the sand and wept. Mom came over and put her arm around my shoulders. I couldn't stop crying. Nobody noticed, which is good. I don't want Jack to get any more sad than he already is. He and the cousins ran around with glo-sticks. All of a sudden I remembered that I had bought a bunch of big fireworks before I left Washington and they were out in the parking lot. I went and got them and set everything up on the sand by the water's edge. I set one off after another and put on a good show. I was thinking of you when I bought them. I asked for whatever they had that were big and spectacular. I thought about how you loved the fireworks we set off on the dock at St. Michaels. You loved it.

I have a lot to write about the weekend. I'll continue tomorrow. Here are some pictures until then.

This photo is from last weekend in Annapolis. Jack's beautiful smile has disappeared since then. Here are pictures with the cousins.

Jack had a lot of fun hanging out with Michael. Michael even won a jackpot at Funland. He got 450 tickets from one quarter on one of the games. They have a cool machine that eats and counts your tickets. You get a receipt to use when picking out your prize.

Here are pictures of you and me at Funland on the helicopter ride. We sure had fun.

Mom's back. Jack was crying. He told her that he doesn't want to go back to camp. He doesn't understand why our family cannot be together during the day every day. He said he doesn't want to go back to the beach. It reminds him of you. Jack is trying to stop time. I have a lot to tell you about Jack. He is having a very rough time right now. Mom and I are going to pull together and make sure he gets through this okay. I think I told you that sometimes we feel like we failed you. We have to make sure we don't fail Jack.

I love you Henry.


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