Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Dear Henry:

Here is a neat coincidence. Last week I was feeling a little down during the day and I went on the Internet and started looking at Batman stuff. There was one website that sold Batman lava lamps. How cool. Well, guess who else started checking out Batman stuff last week. Jack. I came home from work that same night and Jack was watching one of our old Batman videos. He also had gone to Sullivan's and bought this totally awesome Batmobile. All of a sudden Batman was back after months of being gone from the house.

The reason Jack was able to buy the Batmobile is that he made $40 for being in a television commercial. Did I ever show you the McDonalds commercial I was in a few years ago. I hope you saw it. It was funny. I'll ask Mommy.

Mommy is coming back from St. Michaels tonight. Guess what. Aunt Alice and Uncle Peter bought a house there not too far from Papa Sy and Nana's house. I'll put some photos here after I visit. The sad thing is that their beach house is being sold.

Here are you and Uncle Peter at the beach. I have a lot of great memories of you from that house. Mommy and I have both said that we will never move from this house. We can't. I guess it is a way of holding on to you as best we can. I wonder if we'll always feel this way. I hope so. This is your home. You're here.

It's pouring out. I hope Mom is okay. I'm going to go call.

I love you Henry. Love, love, love, love, love, love!


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