Monday, October 06, 2003

During a break from services, Mom and Jack and I went to Georgetown to drop off band-aids. The clinic was super busy. Dr. Gonzales was there. She just had a baby named Sophia. Mommy and I figure that she was two months pregnant when you died. Everyone sat around talking about you and how much we all miss you.

I asked Dr. Gonazales if she remembered two years ago when you were in-patient at Georgetown and Mom had just given birth a few blocks away at Sibley. I lobbied her hard to discharge you so you could go see Mom and your new baby brother. We got you out. A few weeks or months back I posted the photo of the five of us on Mom's hospital bed at Sibley. Whew, our life was pretty dramatic, wasn't it. What I wouldn't give.

Your life-sized Superman paper mache is in one of the exam rooms at Lombardi. I hear it is a favorite of the clinic kids.

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