Saturday, October 25, 2003

We had the Hope for Henry Foundation fundraiser at Aunt Abby's house. A lot of people came. Lisa came all the way from New York. Val came from California. It was great being with all of our special friends. We were excited to have Cindy Bullens play music for everyone. Cindy has a daughter, Jessie, who died when she was a young. I am very sad for Cindy. Cindy told me that Jessie's birthdays are the hardest. Today was hard, but I need hard right now. I think that is why I want to go with Mom to Minnesota.

Cindy wrote a bunch of songs to say how she felt after Jessie died. She played them for us and talked about Jessie and everyone cried. It was sad but kinda perfect. It was a nice way for everyone to think about Jessie and to think about you and to think about their own kids and people they love.

It was pretty loud so Michael, Rachel and Joshua stayed up late and hung out downstairs with all of the grown ups. Michael sat with me for a lot of the songs and that felt good. I think he had a good time and I know you would have enjoyed it.

We raised a lot of money from the concert for the Foundation. The other day the Moonbeam class at The Gan gave its tzedakah money to the Hope for Henry Foundation. A check for $2.48 came in the mail. Mom and I were really touched by this. It was very sweet of the kids.

The Foundation will help kids and families when they are getting new blood. We want to buy them fun things and do things for them to make them smile and not hurt as much. Remember when you got that soft grey blanket. I think a family gave those to everyone at Minnesota. We want to do stuff like that.

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