Friday, October 24, 2003

The Friday afternoon before your birthday was Jack's last T Ball game of the season. I was really busy at work but made sure that I left to watch the game. I hadn't seen any of his games. All of his friends were on the team, Jacob, Noah and David. David is really good. He is super smart and great at sports. He is a lot like Chuck. Speaking of Chuck, he is the real-life hero of a movie that Mom and I just saw. We saw it with Chuck and Cati and Rich (I don't know where Jill was, she was probably home with the twins). That was very cool and a little bit weird because we were sitting next to the people who were supposed to be up on the screen. There were actors playing Chuck and Cati and even a baby actor playing David when he was really little. The movie has some bad words in it so Jack and David probably won't see it for a while. There were even shots in the movie of their house and it looked a little like the real thing.

Jack's grounded out the first time up to bat. He was so upset (mostly because I was there) and I felt so bad for him. My heart was broken. Thankfully, he got a hit the next time up. In fact, he scored a run and when he came across first base he ran over to me and jumped up into my arms. I hugged him really hard. We both went from feeling terrible to feeling great in just a few minutes. It was awesome!

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