Saturday, October 25, 2003

Everyone came over this morning to recognize your birthday. It wasn't really a "celebration." Pop Pop Teddy, PaPa Sy and Nana were here. Aunt Jen and Uncle Dan flew in with Hannah. All of your DC cousins and Ari, Simon and Jake showed up. We had ballons all over the house that have "Henry Forever" printed on them. It was just like all of our parties but not really. After all of the kids ran around and played for a bit we gathered in the dining room for cake.

Mom got a beautiful cake. I asked if everyone if they wanted to share something they were thinking about you.

Ari said, "Henry was brave."

Simon said, "Henry was my very best friend in the whole world."

Alex said, "He liked Batman."

Someone said you were cool.

Michael said that you made him laugh.

Mom and I just listened and cried.

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