Thursday, February 05, 2004

Last night I was getting Jack ready for bed and instead of reading his Droon book I suggested we do some Mad Libs. Here are some Mad Libs that you did. Looking through all of the ones we've done I notice that there are a few words that we use a lot,

[Noun] - Potty
[Adjective] - Stinky
[Adjective] - Smelly
[Verb] - Farts

Hmmmm. It does make them funnier. This one is pretty good especially the "Then the male and female get together and 'Pikmynos.'" It took Mom a while to figure out that you wrote "Pick My Nose." That's a good one!

I like the fact that you wrote "Henry" when you needed a [Celebrity] word. I also like that you put down CSA for a [Liquid]. I bet that no other person in the entire universe filling out this Mad Lib used cyclosporine as the word for a liquid.

Lately, I've noticed that Jack has an amazingly big vocabulary and sounds almost like a grown up sometimes when he is speaking. Not too grown up, though.

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