Sunday, February 29, 2004

Tonight we went to the Purim Ball at school. There was a program and we bought an ad like we did last year. I knocked this one out in 5 minutes. I never showed you the photos of when Mom and Linda and Jack and Ari bought the superhero toys over to the clinic at Georgetown. I'll do that soon.

This ad was a really sweet thing for Helaine, Richard, Susan, Linda and Sid to do.

And I totally wasn't expecting this from your old class. I got all teary when I came across it in the program. Isn't it awesome. It feels good to know that everyone else is thinking about you too.

I like that spring is around the corner. That means that it will be warmer and we can come visit the cememtery for longer visits. Today was nice but we didn't get out there. We took Jack and Joe for haircuts. Joe is a big a crazy nut job as Jack used to be about getting haircuts. It took me and another barber to hold down Joe while someone else cut his hair. Joe was a big sticky goober face with lollipop, hair, tears and snot all over him when we were done. But he looks good now.

I love you Superhero Boy. I realize I haven't told you that a lot lately. Please know it even if you don't hear it.

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