Thursday, February 05, 2004

When I told Jack tonight that I had a dream about Grandma he told me about a dream he had of you. He said that he dreamt that he was walking over to David's house in the morning to go to school and you were walking next to him. Then he asked me how you would fit in Chuck's car. I said that you guys would sit 3 across.

These certificates came in the mail today. Your brother Jack is a really good kid. I like spending time with him. He is turning into a really good skater. I think he has Nana and Uncle Peter's skating genes. Do you remember Nana's speed skating medal that she gave you?

Jack planted this tree for the Israeli astonaut who died when the space shuttle crashed. They just found parts of his diary. They floated to earth after the shuttle exploded. I have to think that his family was sad, but excited to have this. The American's gave it to the Israeli army to translate. I bet Jack could have translated it for them.

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