Tuesday, April 13, 2004

In the original Encyclopedia Brown books, the author describes the town where the Brown's live, Idaville, as having "three movie theaters, a Little League, four banks and two delicatessens. It had large houses and small houses, good schools, churches, stores and even an ugly section by the railroad tracks."

In later books the author speaks of "Idaville's wonderful fresh air, its beaches, its three movie theaters and four banks, its churches and synagogues, its Little League and its two delicatessens."

Now I am not as smart as Encyclopedia Brown, but my guess is that they needed someone to eat in those two delicatessens. They went from zero shuls to synagogues plural. The Case of the Mysteriously Appearing Jews.

Just something that struck me.

I love you Henry. I cried thinking about you in synagogue. What are you doing being a plaque. I want my little boy.

Good night sweetie.

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