Sunday, April 11, 2004

Jack is totally into Encyclopedia Brown. We are reading the stories that you and I read.

You and I started to read Encyclopedia Brown books after I found one in the lounge at Georgetown on the 5th floor.

I went to Georgetown on Friday morning before work to drop off some bandaids for Henry's Toolbox. The "T" sticker was peeling off. Must mean it is getting good use.

Suzanne was there. She said the Barbie bandaids are a big hit. We'll have to get some more. I saw your gastrointerologist. I forget his name. He was there with his two boys because it is spring break. He was a nice guy.

Jack is also into Elvis Presley in a big way. I put together a CD with 28 tracks on it from a bunch of different Elvis CDs. We listened to it tonight before bed. At one point Jack asked about Carl Perkins. He is the guy who wrote Blue Suede Shoes. Jack wanted to know if Carl Perkin's version sounds like Elvis's version. I said it did but Elvis has this something that makes his version special. I tried to see if Jack could hear the different guitar and piano parts of the Elvis songs. Jack enjoys playing the piano a lot. I am so glad he didn't inherit my "can't play any musical instruments" gene.

Did I buy this book for you or for Jack. I don't remember. Maybe for both of you. Jack and I've read all about Elvis and Chuck Berry and Carl Perkins.

This is me with a guy named Chubby Checker. Isn't that a funny name. He sang a song called "The Twist" which is a great dance song.

Tonight to my greater joy, Jack said "Thank you very much," just like Elvis. It was amazing for two reasons. One that he knows that Elvis is well-known for saying, "Thank you very much," and two, for saying it in a southern accent just like the King. I love that Jack is so curious about stuff that I really like. I am trying to find my Elvis movies for Jack to watch. I remember Papa Teddy taking me and Aunt Jen to go see an Elvis movie called "Kid Galahad" at the KB Baronet Theater in Bethesda. The theater isn't here anymore and neither is Elvis, or you for that matter.

I think a lot about you and I think a lot about how I feel about you. Even though I have "let go" I still miss you so much and get very sad. It seemed that I was crying every day or so on the way to work for a few weeks and now I'm not. I was miserable over Passover. The seders are the saddest thing to me. Everyone is together and you're not there. I took my time getting to Nana's house for the second night. It is hard for me to bear.

I think of you a lot and I also think about the places we've been. All of a sudden someplace from our past will pop into my head and then leave just as fast. It might be the waterfront at Lake Harriet in Minnesota or the comic book store in New Jersey, Joker's Child, or room 11 on the 5th floor of Georgetown Hospital. I get transported to all of these places everyday and I don't know what triggers it.

Someone I know from high school and who lives not far from us (you may have met him at Fresh Fields once) off Mass Avenue just lost his little boy. The son was Joe's age. They had a Memorial Service last Friday. I wanted to go but Mom thought it might be too hard. I will write him a note and and let him know that I am here to talk when and if he needs. His office is next to one of my best old friends, Phil.

Phil and Mommy and I went to see John Prine the other night. Phil "turned me on" to John Prine when we worked together almost 20 years ago. John Prine is the guy who sings the "Dear Abby" and "Space Monkey" songs. Remember we used to sing "Aunt Abby" instead of "Dear Abby."

We had Mommy's birthday party last weekend. I think she had a really good time. Nana and Tracey and Cousin Catherine and Aunt Abby and all of Mommy's friends came. Aunt Abby had to leave early and I left as it was starting too. I arranged for food and a cake and a bartender and then amscrayed because I wanted it to be a "girl" party. Jack slept over at his friend Liam's house and I took Joe over to Uncle Bill's. We watched a movie until midnight and then came home.

Joe says his name is Joe "Lion" Goldberg and can tell you that he lives on Calvert Street. One of my favorite things that he says is "WinniePooh" for "Winnie the Pooh." He is very cute. You'll be psyched to know that Joe can fake burp. He sometimes talks in a funny voice. It is a deep growl. I think he may truly believe that he is a lion. Hmm.