Thursday, April 29, 2004

Joe loves to play hide and seek. The cute thing is that he hides in the same place every single time.

Can you see him?

The other night when Joe was seeking and Mom was counting, Jack came over to me and said, "Joe counted to 6." I said, "that's okay, he doesn't have to count to 10." I went further and said to Jack that everyone doesn't have to play exactly by the "rules" every time. You know how he is such a stickler for doing things the right way (or his way).

Then Jack explained, "No, Dad, that isn't it. Joe normally only knows how to count to 4. This is the first time he was able to count all the way to 6."

Wow, I felt pretty bad and embarrassed. I apologized to Jack a lot.

Remember how I used to hide something in the house and you and Jack would look for it while I would tell you that you were "cold, warm or hot." You guys loved that game. Joe also likes to play, "Blue, Red" which you and I call Twister.

I went to Georgetown this morning and dropped off a huge amount of band-aids. This time I gave them plenty of "chick" band-aids, including Barbie, Hello Kitty and Power Puff Girls. Caryn Pass was nice enough to give us a bunch and we bought some too. There are new Spiderman band-aids. Very cool. Suzanne was there. I was good to see her. She still has your picture up above her desk.

It is a beautiful spring day. There was a speed trap in front of the hospital when I was there this morning. I was wondering what would have happened if they had that set up the day I drove 90 miles an hour to be with you and Mom in the Emergency Room. I definitely would not have stopped. That would have been interesting.

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