Sunday, April 11, 2004

We went to St. Michaels this weekend. All of your DC cousins and aunts and uncles were there at some point. Uncle Andy couldn't make it because he was racing his boat in Annapolis. Uncle Andrew was part of his crew.

The snake that we always knew lived in the boat shed decided to come out and show himself. He was sunning himself on the gravel in front of the shed. I showed him to Jack and Joe. Joe was really interested in him and stooped and checked him out for a long time. He stayed out in full view for most of the weekend.

Joshua found another snake down by the dock. I am definitely less freaked out by snakes. I think it is from watching so many episodes of Crocodile Hunter and Jeff Corwin.

We went over to Aunt Alice and Uncle Peter's house. It is not far from Nana and Papa Sy's. There is an old, large black bell bell in the front of the house. You ring it to let everyone know it is time for dinner. Joe got to ring it. It has a great big sound.

Peter took Mommy, Jack, Nana, Papa Sy, Michael and Joshua to Oxford on his new boat. It is a truly beautiful boat and he is very excited about it. Joe and I drove - and went on the ferry - to pick up everyone.

This is a picture that I got off the Internet of the same kind of boat. I couldn't find my camera before I left on Friday. I hope someone will email me some of the pictures they took and I can put them up here. I tried to get Aunt Abby to take a picture of the snake but she understandably was not too psyched to go get a close up.

It is great that everyone is so close to each other now. I know that Nana must be so happy to have her brother living down the street both in Washington and in St. Michaels. It would be nice if Jack and Joe are that close when they get older.

Papa Sy put the Tashmoo in the water. Sam and Uncle Andrew went fishing off of it in the cove but it is still a little early and chilly for fish.

Wait, wasn't "Chilly" the name you gave Dr. Van Burik's fish?

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