Monday, April 12, 2004

We've got Joe falling asleep in his bed now instead of ours and then transferring him. That took a lot of effort. What is nice is that we have a little routine. After we turn out the lights he says, "kiss," and we kiss; then he says "hug" and we hug; and he ends it with "squeeze" and we squeeze (which is really just another hug). Dee-licious.

A few nights ago I walked downstairs and found Jack and Joe wrestling. Jack was being appropriately gentle with his little brother. It was great to see.

Jack and his new friend Liam play very physically and wrestle a lot.

They both love a cartoon about wrestling called Mucha Lucha. There is a character on the cartoon named "The Flea." The Flea's farts are his special power. Joe thinks a fart is called a burp. I think Liam gives Jack some of the physical closeness that you two shared.

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