Friday, October 22, 2004

On Simchat Torah I had put up one of the Hope for Henry hayride postcards up on the bulletin board at the Gan. This morning when Mom and I were dropping Joe off at school a kid walked by the bulletin board and said to his mom,

"Look, there's Batman."

That felt so good to hear because I have been really, really, sad for the past day or so because I cannot stop thinking about the fact that your birthday is Monday.

On Sunday we are going to the cemetery with Ari and Simon and everyone. Our friend Cindy Bullens, who lost her daughter, told us that the birthdays are the hardest. It is pretty bad now, I wonder how I can feel any worse on Monday.

I love you and I miss you. I haven't said that in a while. You would have been 9. That is so grown up.

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