Tuesday, October 05, 2004

We went to see a play called "Living Out" this weekend in Bethesda. David, our next door neighbor was in it. It was an interesting play about families and their nannies. Basically what it was showing was that nannies have lives and families outside of the kids who they are paid to babysit.

While I was watching it I was thinking of you and how great it was that you picked Zhenny to be our nanny. She is so good and loves Joe and Jack so much.

Near the end of the play they threw in something that made me start to cry. The nanny's husband called to tell her that their son had been taken to the hospital and she needed to meet them there. All of a sudden I was thinking about that call that Mommy made to me when she said you were being rushed to Georgetown.

I pulled myself together and then I had this little lightbulb go off in my head that the nanny's son had died. It wasn't obvious because the kid had something that is very treatable. The play was letting us know that not all hospitals are the same. Not everyone gets treated with the best medicine. It often depends where you live and how much money you make. We are very fortunate that way - and I think we take it for granted.

When they finally let the audience know that the son was dead I started to ball (that means cry really hard). I wasn't expecting any of this going into the play and that is probably why it hit me so hard. I looked over in the dark theater and saw Mom was balling, too.

The play ended right after that. Once the lights came up Mommy and I started to laugh as hard as we cried. We thought it was funny that the only play that we have chosen to see since you died was one with a kid who dies. It was so crazy it was funny.

We waited outside for David to come out afterwards. I thought it was so cool to see him wearing jeans, walking his dog and then an hour later he was on the stage wearing a suit as the daddy. When he came out I told him how Mom and I cried and how we laughed. He hadn't thought about how the son dying in the play might affect Mommy and me. He and Jenny moved in not too long after you had died so they didn't know you.


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