Tuesday, October 12, 2004

We were back out in St. Michaels this weekend. Mom was traveling so I took the guys out and she met us there. I went bowling in Easton with Jack and Joe on Friday night. I cannot believe it took me 4 years, maybe longer, to discover that place.

The weather was great and we went out on the Tashmoo. Joe drove for the first time. He was a fantastic captain.

On Saturday I did that 100 mile bike ride with friends from work.

I had said that I wanted to use the ride to raise money for the Hope for Henry Foundation, but we have decided to have a different fundraiser so I didn't want to compete. I rode by a lot of graveyards and thought that no-one says "graveyard" anymore. "Cemetery" is what everyone says. Maybe graveyard is too spooky. Some places call them "bone orchards."

So while I was cruising with "Team XM" past all those dead people, Mom and Jack went for a bike ride back along the fields of dead corn in St. Michaels. Mom said that they had a really good conversation while they were riding.

Jack told Mom that he has an imaginary friend - you.

He also told Mom that he had a different imaginary friend when he was younger. The friend had super long arms and could grab stuff that Jack couldn't reach. I think that the conversation might have been because of a new cartoon that Jack likes called "Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends."

Then Jack revealed something to Mom. He said that you, too, had an imaginary friend while you were growing up.

Excitedly, Mom asked Jack who your imaginary friend was.

"Batman," said Jack in a way that Mom realized that this was so obvious that it was totally silly that she even asked.

The fundraiser is a hayride and bonfire at Butlers Orchard. We sent this postcard out to a lot of people inviting them to come.

You loved that place and it is a whole lot of fun, so I think it should be great. I hope a lot of people come. I need to find someone to play guitar.

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