Saturday, September 30, 2006

Joe's birthday "pageant" started last night. Overdoing it is how we roll in this family. Tomorrow we are going to have a bunch of his friends from school over to -- bet you can't guess -- play baseball for his party. After the party we are going to go to the last Nationals game of the season. They are playing the New York Mets.

So last night Joe and his team the Pirates had a game and his cousins came to watch.

Even little cutie cousin Noah came. He looks a lot like Uncle Andy. Noah was born after you died. Maybe he'll read this one day and know you a little.

Friday was a beautiful fall night. Perfect for baseball. He plays at Macomb Park - the Choo Choo Park as you knew it.

They cheered him on and in true Joe fashion he played to the crowd. He definitely likes to show his stuff, and didn't disappoint.


Look how big Michael and Joshua are. I am glad to see in this picture that Jack seems excited for Joe. Joe gets on Jacks nerves a lot by just being a little brother. Kinda like how Jack was with you.

After baseball we went to Cactus Cantina for dinner. Joe loved all the attention and the company of Joshua and Sam. We then went back to Calvert Street for birthday cake. When it got late Emma and Rachel went down to Rachel's house to sleep and the boys camped out all over our house.

Michael is very into music. He looked through all of our CDs and kept asking me and Mom if he could put stuff on his laptop, which he brought with him.

I wondered a lot what it would be like if you were still around. In groups, whether it is your cousins or your friends or your classmates, I am very aware of you not being there.

I miss you.

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