Friday, September 15, 2006

We had our 5% day at Whole Foods yesterday.

What an awesome balloon, huh. I like Whole Foods 'cause they give away balloons to kids. I'll shop anywhere that gives away balloons and lollipops. In high school when I worked at Sears at Montgomery Mall I would suck on the helium tank we used for balloons. I'd answer the phones with my voice sounding like the Mayor of Munchkinland. That was a great job.

The 5% fundraiser was a lot of fun for everyone. Jack and Joe ran around the store a lot. They gave out these stickers to all of the people buying food.

They are great salespeople.

The people working at Whole Foods were great, too and a lot of our friends came by and shopped. The money we made goes to Hope for Henry.

Nana and Papa Sy helped out and Pop Pop Teddy and his friend Jeri helped too.

From: Fadia Jawdat (MA GTN)
Sent: Friday, September 15, 2006 1:35 PM
To: Goldberg, Allen
Subject: RE: Thank you!

Mr. Goldberg,

The pleasure was ours. Please see below the content of the email I wrote Laurie this morning.

You and your family were amazing, and yes of course you boosted sales. We were happy to see so many of your friends and family members in the store.

I can only compare to last week’s Thursday sales and in that we saw a 9% increase for the day, even though last week was a little unusual in that it started off with Labor Day Monday. I think the work you all did in putting the word out, the ad, the stickers and above all your presence was outstanding. It felt like one big party and we were so thrilled we could present you with that opportunity.

I will strongly recommend you try our Rockville or Kentlands stores for next year for their consideration.

We love Katie and Mamadou too. I will forward your appreciations.

Warm regards from us all at WFM GTN.



Thank you all for being such an amazing presence and bringing in so many wonderful people.

It was a joy to host Hope for Henry Foundation. You will be receiving a check for $4,557.40.

Please email or call me with your FED ID # so I can put the check request through immediately.Also let me know if we should have a photo op with us presenting the check.

As for the real thing, would you like to pick it up at the store or would you like my regional office to mail it out.
Awaiting your reply.”

Fadia Jawdat
Marketing Specialist/Community Liaison
Whole Foods Market Georgetown
2323 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20007
202-338-3829 direct line


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