Sunday, September 03, 2006

We went to Jake's 11th birthday party. It was a baseball birthday. Perfect.

I cannot think of a happier kid to be at this party than Joe. He got to be with a bunch of big boys and play baseball. He has a nice "stroke" and had some good hits. Everyone was impressed. I know for a fact that your brother loves to show off.

One of the coaches from Homerun Baseball, RJ, helped out at the party. He is going to teach Joe and some of his friends this fall. Mom is making arrangements for them to do it at Stoddert or Guy Mason. When he isn't playing baseball, RJ teaches school at Beauvoir.

It is good/hard to watch Jake and Ari and Simon grow up. I like to think what you'd be like at 11. Jake is really smart and funny. He is a good rapper too.

We are about to start the hard part of the year. I think it begins with your birthday next month then your death day and my birthday. Mom said something to me about us working together to get through it.

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