Thursday, June 28, 2007

Here are some pictures from Papa Teddy's wedding. Let me tell ya something -- it wasn't particularly easy being in the same sanctuary where Grandma's funeral was held. I hadn't been there since then. And the place we signed the Ketubah, the library, was the same place were we ripped our little mourner's ribbon and received people before the funeral service.

Har Shalom has a lot of memories for me. I was Kadimah and USY president when I was young. I kinda kissed Rachel Wittenberg there (in a few years I'll tell you how I got in trouble with my friend Alicia in a convent). She later joined the Israeli army, but I don't think I was the cause. I went to Sunday school there. Aunt Jen and I were B'nai Mitzvah there. Grandma's funeral was there. And now we went to Papa Teddy's wedding there. That's what a synagogue is for, right.

Though we really like Adas Israel, I think we may have Jack's Bar Mitzvah at the historic Synagogue at Sixth and I Streets, in Chinatown. Jack and Aunt Jen will do the service themselves.

Jack and Hannah were both at camp so it stunk that they couldn't be there. Grandma's dad, my Grandpa Nat, remarried later in life like Papa Teddy just did. I never told Mom about that until this past weekend. I don't talk about my grandparents because I don't remember them too well. Probably because I didn't really have any type of relationship with them. That is why you and your brother are so lucky.

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