Friday, June 29, 2007

I made Jack into a Simpson's character. I am going to email this to him today at camp. In my emails I make it sound like not a whole lot is happening back here so he doesn't feel like he is missing anything. Actually, that is the truth. It is hot and rainy and no-one's around 'cause everyone is on vacation.

I can do a bunch of different ones for you. You had a lot of different "looks" over the years. Probably the easiest will be when you had no hair from the chemo and radiation. You looked very handsome. I'll work on that.

We were going to go to St. Michaels for the weekend, but instead we are going to stay put and go to Aunt Abby and Uncle Andy's beach house for the Fourth of July.

The Fourth of July is another one of those "hard times," like your birthday and your death day. There are happy memories of the time we all went to Spain for Bill and Cristina's wedding on July 4th (I think) and of course your transplant was on July 6th. I think that somehow, someway our brains are tuned into these anniversaries even if we aren't consciously thinking about them. I know I get moody and sad sometimes and then I'll realize - hey, this is the anniversary of your "other birthday," your transplant.

I'll report back on Ratatoullie.

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