Thursday, June 28, 2007

Whenever I see that a new Pixar movie is coming out I get excited and sad. Excited to see it, sad thinking about you. You were the true movie lover. Not sure it would have still been the case the older you got, but you loved Pixar movies. The Incredibles and Cars came out after you died and the new one is Ratatouille about a rat who wants to be a chef in Paris.

I hope that Mom and I get to take Joe to see the movie this weekend. Maybe it will rain, but then everyone will be there.

If I am not mistaken, the characters -- not the rat -- look a little like younger versions of me and Mom. The hair and nose are right for me, but Mom has a much smaller nose than the girl in the movie. Aside from that and the fact that I am not the greatest cook in the world (maybe I need a rat's help) this could be us.

There is another movie I am psyched to see and that is the Simpson's Movie. I think this will be the first movie that both Jack and I are equally excited to check out. On the website for the movie you can make yourself into a Simpsons character. Here's me. How'd I do?

I am going to make Jack into a Simpsons character and email it to him at camp. I think he'll like that. Maybe I can do some of his bunkmates as well. I have already emailed him once and sent him a package. From the pictures posted on the Camp Ramah website it looks like he is having a great time.

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