Monday, November 05, 2007

I have a lot of catching up to do. I have pictures from Joe's birthday, a lot of baseball games and kickball. I will get them up soon.

Here is how we spent your birthday. I didn't cry all day. Strange.

First, we went out to the cemetery. Mom had a Pokemon coin that she left on your headstone. I am going to get some rocks custom engraved to leave behind on future visits. I have been thinking about this for a while and haven't found the right thing just yet. Maybe by deathday.

There were a lot of berries on the tree above your grave. I have never seen them before. I am pretty clueless.

Unfortunately, there is a new school being built right next to where you and Grandma are buried. It used to be trees and forest for as far as the eye could see and now this. We have had a good 5 years all to ourselves. Hopefully for you and for the kids at the school they'll plant a lot of tall trees between you.

We weren't in any particular rush, so Mom and I decided to explore the road that we go on to the cemetery. We took it in a totally different direction and it lead us through a lot of beautiful farm land. Too bad they couldn't build the school a little farther down the road.

The great thing about the road is that it dumped us out right where we wanted to go. The Olney Ale House. That is our post-cemetery destination. It is cozy and has a fireplace. It was a cold and smokey day, so this was just what we needed.

After lunch we went to JPDS to pick up your brothers. This is a piece of art that I found of Jack's hanging on the wall outside the gym. Mom went and checked out your plaque.

They are raising money for Henry's Garden. Guess who won the guessing of how many erasers are in the jar contest - Ari! Can you believe that. Amazing.

We then went out for dinner at your favorite restaurant, Cactus Cantina, with your buddies Ari, Simon and Jake.

You will note that we are still shopping at the Gap.

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