Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I wanted to give you an update on that guy Coby who used to be in Jake's class at JPDS. He has leukemia and is being treated at Children's Hospital. He is going through a very tough time with chemo right now.

Below are entries from his website from a few weeks back. In the picture you can see he is wearing his Hope for Henry baseball cap while talking on his computer with Miley Cyrus. She is a big deal, like Mary Kate and Ashley were back when you were alive. Remember when I went to Mall of America to film them for you. That was cool.

Jack watches Miley Cyrus' show on TV all the time.

10/4/2007 12:15:01 PM (CST)

Jacob's dad here: Jacob is doing better each day as we get farther out from the first round of chemo that ended Friday. He is just visibly better and more energetic, he hasn't had a fever in quite a while, his mouth and throat sores have receded, he got a new shave (head, that is) and a shower, he's wearing his red Sanibel Bennett Reunion shirt (not to be confused with the read "Lameco" - - would I make this up? Who names a company this? - - t-shirt that Uncle Benjamin gave him from the air trade show), and he's eating more every day. This includes the sausage patties that came with the hospital breakfast and that his dad would be scared to eat on a good day. Jacob phone conversation quote of the day: Hey Mom! Guess what? I got an Ipod Touch! (Thanks to the Hope for Henry Foundation, And I'm sitting here watching a movie on DVD that is still only out in theaters. Life is good.

10/6/2007 8:35:01 PM (CST)

Jacob's dad here again. Yesterday (Friday) was a big day. First, Miss Virginia dropped by, in full tiara, and chatted with Jacob and signed a picture for him. Of course, when the nurse asked if we wanted to see Miss Virginia, we asked "Miss Virginia who? Is that the physical therapist?," not knowing it was THE Miss Virginia. Then Jacob got a televideo call from Miley Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana! Rachel's cousin, Steve Elster, and his mother Linda, both of whom teach child actors in Hollywood, arranged the call (thanks to you both, and to Miley!). Miley spoke with both Jacob and his sister Sophie, who is a huge fan. Miley was very gracious, energetic, and quick to laugh, just as she is in her TV show. She talked about her show and her upcoming concert tour (tidbit for the parents: those were Larry David's real daughters in his cameo appearance on the show). Sophie, despite having a cold, managed to sing the "Best of Both Worlds" theme song to Miley's TV show. We captured the whole thing on digital video tape, but lack the technical skills to post it, so you (or your kids) will just have to ask to see the tape next time you visit our house. By then, Sophie will probably have memorized all of Miley's/Hannah's songs to sing for you. Meanwhile, Jacob continues to gain in energy and appetite every day, and we're watching his daily blood counts to see when he will be ready to come home to rest up for the next round of chemotherapy.

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