Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Joe has had a fever for a week now. Last Tuesday, school called me at work and told me that he had 103. Whenver school calls like that I think back to the almost daily calls I would get telling me to come get you.

Yesterday we took Joe to the doctor. Even though he seemed better we wanted to make sure he was okay to go back to school. He has missed a lot.

The doctor said he was fine to go to school. So after the appointment we took him to JPDS and kissed him goodbye. About 2 hours later the school called and asked us to get him because his fever went back up.

Now we are a little worried about him, but here is a video I took tonight to show you how he is doing...

He can't be feeling too bad, right. How do you like those skills. Hopefully the doctor will give him something to make the fever go away.

Can you imagine how good he is at that when he is feeling 100 percent?

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