Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I've written to you over the months about Dylan Moore. He died yesterday in a familiar place. How hard must it have been to type those three words, "Dylan is gone."

I don't remember the Meditation Place on the 7th Floor at Fairview. Maybe it's new. I once went into a chapel in one of the hospitals where we stayed, but just to check out what it looked like inside.

Dylan was from Roanoke, North Carolina. He was 8 years old, just a little older than you. I love the photo of him in the cowboy hat that is on the website and in all the news stories about him. He looks like he can rope a calf and do cowboy things. He must have been into cowboys the way you loved Batman.

I am sure that Hope for Henry gave him a gift at some point. I'll check with Mom and see what he got. I hope it gave him some happiness.

I know that Dylan's parents have a strong belief in God and that will help them through this.

You know, so often when I write to you about something terrible like this I am on the verge of saying, "I can't imagine...."

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