Friday, July 17, 2009

You were in my dream last night. You were in the hospital. You looked gaunt and post-transplant. I was in scrubs. There was a doctor with me. You were big but it was almost like you were in an incubator - the ones they have for preemies. You were curled up. We were testing your breathing - and you were passing the test.

I think part of it was because I heard about 2 minutes of an interview with J.K. Rowling last night on TV. She is the woman who wrote Harry Potter. If I heard her right (and I may not have), she was talking about her fears of when her daughter was born. She had that normal parental worry that made her check to make sure her daughter was breathing when she was sleeping. That was part of the inspiration for the dementors. You remember them from the Harry Potter books - they suck the life right out of someone.

I think watching you do the pulmonary function tests in Minnesota (I don't think Mom was with us) played a part in the dream too. Mom went up to pick up Jack this weekend so I was sleeping alone. I think that contributed to the dream as well. I should have had Joe sleep with me.

Twice in just a few weeks. I am glad you're showing up in my dreams. I'd prefer the healthy Henry, but I will totally take - and am happy with - whatever I can get.

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